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CardREX™ users enjoy the benefit of secure multi-use, global debit card functionality. It has powerful Card-to-Card transfer ability, without the high cost of traditional wiring or transferring, it can be used for pay day loans, you can give people cash gifts without delivering unsecured cash, and much more.

CardREX™ is the most secure way to access your money quickly and efficiently.

CardREX™ all in one:

Keep your Financial Transactions Safe

CashCard is a prepaid, reloadable card, with Internet access. The Perfect way to carry your cash. Weather you are an active entrepreneur, or you participate in different affiliate programs, or you are a consultant who needs to receive your money.

Card-to-Card Transfer Anytime Worldwide

Give a card to a family member anywhere in the world. Reload it as often as you want. Save money by not paying the high transfer fees charged by most fund transfer companies.

Process a Card-to-Card transfer in one second through the Internet.

Wherever You Go Be Safe

TravelCard is a prepaid, reloadable travel money card. It is the most safe and convenient way to carry all your vacation money. TravelCard is not linked to any bank account, so even if the card is lost or stolen, all of the funds are replaceable. Your TravelCard can be used at ATMs worldwide locations.

Always keep your Card and use it for your next travel.
It's better to be safe than sorry.

Protect and Empower your children

Specifically designed for teenagers, TeensCard is a prepaid, reloadable card. Teens can use the TeensCard at any of the million of worldwide locations. Because it is a prepaid card and not a credit card, spending is limited to the amount of money that is loaded onto the card.

Always the right gift because parents can authorize relatives or friends to put money on the TeensCard. It is faster and safer than mailing a check or giving cash.

Card Pricing

Card prices and transaction fees are suggested retail prices and may vary slightly from Merchant to Merchant. Prices quoted in this section are strictly for single cardholders only.

These prices are not for Merchants or any other type of organization that may purchase cards in bulk.

Ordering by unit:

Price per card
1 to 10 Cards
25.00 USD
11 to 20 Cards
20.00 USD
21+ Cards
15.00 USD

Ordering by package:

Price per card
Duo Pack
2 Cards - 45 USD
22.50 USD
Family Pack
4 Cards - 85 USD
21.25 USD

Transaction fees:

Transaction Type Fee
ATM Withdrawal (Worldwide) 3.00 USD
POS (Point Of Sale). Canada only 3.00 USD
Monthly Maintenance & Internet Access * 3.00 USD
CardREX to CardREX (card-to-card transfer) 3.00 USD
ATM/POS Decline 1.00 USD
Activate/Deactivate 5.00 USD
Bank transfer (Wire, Swift, IBAN, etc.) 1% + 5.00 USD
e-Gold to CardREX 5% + 5.00 USD
CardREX to e-Gold 2% + 5.00 USD
Cash Deposit - ConveniaLoad
(Available within USA only)
3.95 USD
Cash Deposit - Ukash
(Available within United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, France and Germany)
ACH Direct Deposit (DDA) 5% + 5.00 USD
SwiftPay Cash Western Union (Available within USA only) 5% + 5.00 USD
Wire investigation fee
Missing or incorrect reference number
25.00 USD

* Regarding the monthly fee, if there is no money on the card (0 USD), there is no monthly charge applicable. But if there is something like 0.45 USD or any amount below 3 USD we will charge the amount left on the card. If there is more than 3 USD will take only 3 USD. © 2009-2019 | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use